World Internet Marketers Summit Heathrow Thistle Hotel

World Internet Marketers Summit Heathrow Thistle Hotel.

These guy's were all very involved in up and coming information and online marketing niches. Look out for all these faces there sure to become successful online, thanks to the World Internet Summit organised by Tom Hua and Brett McFall.

Speakers included Ewen Chia, Armand Morin, Brian "Koz" Kozobucki, Mike Stewart, Raymond Aaron [The Secret & Chicken Soup], James Schramko, Scott Letourneau, Sean Roach, Tom Hua and many more.

Armand Morin did a great speech about driving video traffic with YouTube and later provided a great program for the World Internet Summit live today Saturday at the Heathrow Thistle Hotel.

This is Samantha Hoogenboom and she is the President of The Reconnection Reconnective Healing. This includes Neuro Linguistic Programming, Aromatherapy Massage and other alternative healing methods.

All in all albeit my first internet Seminar I had a really good day and look forward to returning for the final day tommorow. If you scroll down to the post below you will find the banners and link to the conference, with additional information about howto get there.

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Natural Progression: World Internet Office

London 2009 World Internet summit in 5 days is being held at The London Thistle Hotel just outside Heathrow airport. If you are trying to make money online you must attend this conference. The target niche is mothers however there will be many other subjects being explained. The worlds top 12 internet marketers will be attending. If you are reading this within these five days you have a chance still of getting a ticket. On the bill is Shawn Casey, Howie Shwartz and Matt Bacak. Click the banners to book your seats. Or just read this message if you are already attending to drill down and find the easiest way possible of getting from A -B on the day.

Attending one of the biggest internet marketing seminar's this year? One 12th November The World Internet Summit begins. If you are reading this and already have your ticket booked this blog will prove very useful. If not and you are interested you can join by clicking the light blue flashing banners. The Summit is advertised mainly for Internet mothers, however some of the Internet Marketers attending are mainly blokes. Shawn Casey should be there within the four days, also Howie Shwartz seems to be on the bill, Matt Bacak and that's only three of twelve plus the two guy's who have organized the launch Brett McFall and Tom Hua.

This week on 12th Nov if you are quick by clicking either of the banners you see here you will get to attend a seminar at the Thistle Hotel near Heathrow Airport. I was there only yesterday and it is very easy to get to. You can get public transport direct from terminal 123 which is just up the escalator from the entrance of the Picadilly line (bus number 105) and keep your eyes peeled for the Thistle. Or you can go deluxe via the Hotel Hoppa Bus. You can get your ticket at flight arrivals or at the Thistle Hotel's reception. Be warned though if you have lots of bags a Bus hopper is your best best but will cost you £4 each way, it's a great journey and it goes all around the hotels. The bus hoppers have different numbers, the one you want for the Thistle is number 4, there may be more that drop you, your friends and all your bags of right outside the door of this hotel. If you prefer a more traditional method of arrival you can take a cab upstairs at either terminal 2 (which is nearer) or terminal three which is possibly where you arrived particularly if you have arrived form Asia or Singapore Airlines.

There is no set line-up of speakers but according to the website the following list contains the names of the internet marketing experts that "you could be learning from":

Tom Hua, Brett McFall, Sean Roach, Adam Ginsberg, Debra Thompson Roedl, Shaune Clarke, Ewen Chia, Armand Morin, Matt Bacak, Dave Lakhani, Howie Schwartz, Dr Mike Woo-Ming, Brian "Koz" Kozobucki, Mike Stewart, Matt & Amanda Clarkson, Nikhil Parekh, Barnaby De Palma, Perry Belcher, Shawn Casey, Raymond Aaron, James Schramko, Scott Letourneau, Michael Koenigs, Mark Ling, Simon Leung, Gail Bottomley, Carrie Wilkerson, Alok Jain and Roy Carter.

You can also find more details by

The Thistle Hotel
Bath Road
Area: Heathrow

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Join the new site Rob Internet Marketing.

Curious about making money online still, still want to make extra cash online sick of all the ramblings want questions like these answered in the next 90 days at the most:

How to Create a Mailing List for Blogger
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Just created this group, all posts from this site will go this forum, some of the more exclusive free information will require to subscribing to the group. The good thing about this is it's easy to receive the information you need


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Great News

Google: sidewiki on firefox for windows is a great extension for my blogging experience. Recently blog post comments are being hidden or missed by squeeze page pop ups and such, I'm looking forward to reading the side comments in Sidewiki. Not only will this help me read good content, it will also help me follow up on further research. As a student of the internet this is great news. Again the fact that my comments will also be tracable back to my Google homepage rather than an old Wordpress.com blog image is awesome. Thanks Google toolbars.
in reference to: Google Sidewiki (view on Google Sidewiki)

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Joomla and how they have progressed in podcasting.

Thinking about joining a community of millions of people in a place where you can design a website at a reasonable price with an added luxury of having your own podcast within that community. If the answer is yes then Joomla is a safe bet. If you are already using Joomla and are interested in making your very own podcast then here is your link. You can download the software here and it is constantly being updated. This link is a reliable link for a trusted free download for podcast software.


If you have no experience with Joomla what so ever you can follow the link below and download over 2,000 free templates that will help you join this fast growing online website community. It's great fun and easy to do, just follow the steps included on this page.


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Michael Cheney AdSense Videos - Master The Basic

The video below has been around for a couple of years, Michael Cheney AdSense Videos - Master The Basics is a good way of understanding the basics of setting up your page. One he is British and can explain the difference about working for Google-Add-sense and two he freely explains his experience with trying to make money online. But more importantly he reminds you of the basics before even starting to expect revenue coming into your age.

In this video Michael takes questions and answers which highlight three things. The first is his outline of promoting yourself. Secondly he reminds you about the mistakes you can make by asking the wrong questions to people and secondly the spelling errors in questions can really effect the judgement of a human never mind Google.

Finally these next video's posted on Google shows Michael Chaney's video's that although outdate and have been slapped by Google laws it shows some dramatic tactics that used to work with improving your adds, like supporting them conversely on your page with images.

Incidently you can find Michael's latest launch or squeeze page if you follow the link, don't worry it's not an affilliate link.

Natural Progression With Google Advertising

Google advertising can be very complicated or very easy. If you want to make life easy in your quest to grow in Google's favour there are some basic protocols you need to follow. Even then nothing is set in stone. If you intend on making money from Google solely by using AdSense I would say go back to your day job. This is not an easy task and with the current difficulties in the world finances today I would recommend that you don't solely rely on one advertising company.

For example look at other creative social networking sites like Squidoo. Squidoo has a facility where you can try and make
money with an affiliate program with advertising for Amazon. That is using your affiliate site and drawing from selected sales which maybe even hosted on your own Amazon page offered to you by Amazon and drawing traffic from Squiddo specifically to pages which you already have affiliation with and have listed on your own Amazon page which will help Amazon track your pays per click and therefore make it easier for Squiddo to affiliate your lenses with the selected Amazon adds you choose on the particular lenses. If you do this then you are sure to progress naturally with making money online there.

Similar again to Squidoo there is a page which is another affiliated advertising content page called Hub Pages where writers can make there articles link up to other sites to acquire money from Google.
The observation here like Squidoo is that you can easily set up advertisements on a page without having to go through tried and tested methods to earn money from affiliated advertising sites. Hubspot is a site where your Hubpages can be tracked on how well the content is being appied to each individual page. They have like Google another affiliation with advertising. That is called Kontera adds. these adds can additionally earn money and are textually very visual but it is much more difficult to set up an account with than Google.


How to Use Google add-sense from scratch

You can register your blog. You can then post the code into the HTML where Google tells you exactly to post it, when editing your site, look in the HTML editor. Once the site has been what is called crawled by the Google Bots you can begin to submit the blog to Google site submission.

Then you can select an add and get the code and adapt your adds for the look of your site. The HTML it gives you can post it in the HTML submission section in your site. From this you can then go to Google analytics and post your site for free again into a reading. From this you can regularly check your viewers and number of clicks per add on your site. Again Google Analytics gives you a code to post into the HTML of your blog (Not on a HTML post on a side of the page) so you can then get regular readings by logging into the blog.

All this is free. However I would recommend getting a good start by logging in regularly and it helps if you have a GMail e-mail which is used to register your blog. Popular blogs are Wordpress.org but you have to pay for a host to host your blog, or for free on Wordpress.com. Another really easy popular link up is through Blogspot. Blogspot I think is a partner now with Google so it does make life a bit easier. If you bookmark individual posts of interest on things think Stumble Upon this helps too. Why because this takes your posts higher in the ranking engine. Also you wil want to find your particular readers. You can do this by searching through Google wonderwheel or going to things like Twitter and typing in your interest or niche or micro niche blog by using the hash key: #blogs or #apples when you post this on twitter you click this and it takes you to a list of people who have also done the same thing.

By adding these people then communicating with them you can begin to do more research on what more advanced bloggers are talking. Chances are though if you are new and you are pretty much well advanced in your interests you'll have much to teach. If this is the case I will warn you be careful sometimes its best to keep it simple because a lot of people copy what you say sometimes, (this is just a current fear) so away around this is building up interest then saving documents to PDFS or making e-books and publishing or selling them yourselves. If this is what you want to do you will have to research the copyrights of other things on Google.

You can do this by going to options on a Google search and checking forums. By checking other things like how many people are already in the search engine for the name of your post or blog if it's in the millions and their are adds to the left then it is a viable site for advertising however it will be really difficult to climb in the top of the Google search engine top one page. If you choose a micro niche which has no commerciability then you will have to select your adds to be in some commercial way, you'll be surprised what is commercial and what isn't . AND THE MOST ENCOURAGING THING IS THIS IS ANY-ONES GAME. You know longer need to be an expensive registered company to try and make money online. And that's the key. I hope this helped. If it did then go to Twitter and add me please, its @robbwindow . Please, please comment on this post it really helps a site gain rankings in the search engine, it's good practise and I always return the favours and it is a good way to link up with other bloggers just click the comment button below. Again if you like my blogs you can subscribe somewhere on this page, to feeds from my posts on your readers either Yahoo or Google readers or even AOL which is very popular.


Greetings Web Viewers

It's only natural for me as an academic too begin this blog with just what specifically is having a natural progression. Firstly I will begin by introducing myself. My name is Robert and I live in London. I am over 30 and have an interest in both the lexical and the oratory message. Much of what I study is broad in that I try to quickly interpret what is actually being transpired on a polysemic level. That is more than one, by in large it requires juggling around differing objective academic views of gaseous data. This might include sociology, linguistic analyse, historical notations of ecological signposts. Objectively some of what I study is firstly consulted through wickapedia a great oracle for finding the basic sanctions of any topic, however arguably I am not a supporter of Wickapedia because as of yet I have not contributed to it's ever growing text in any way.

The natural progression within blogging without going into to much detail is about building a relationship with my readers, due to the transition within studies of academic text I have realised that I am now more able to answer any specific questions so please don't be shy feel free to fire a way and test the water. My interests specifically lie in media, be it movies, television scripts, music, what's popular, realism, semiotics and many other universal narratives. Additionally as a viewer I have gained an interest in the ethnographic quantative data of ethnographers within the realms of how new media is consumed. The internet however is only part of this new media. Within social media I have also realised that many people read what you write however it has not previously been the case that they have left any footprint of their doing so, however what often is written a few months later can be found on other sites, therefore the credibility of sharing information online is diminishing. That is people like me are getting disheartened by the repetition of new ideas even before they have had chance of being processed. However in the light of ecology this could be a good thing, downscaling though it seems the internet is a web of creativity, bearing in mind the word creativity recently has been linked with the topic of mans part in genocide (Yes deep I know but true see youtube lectures).

On a lighter note the objectivity of my style of writing will if necessary drip feed you with enough information to keep you as a reader happy, and if I quote any ideas I will cite the sources with some-kind of link-back to a blog or website. This blog is targeted at a reader who has a reasonable understand of high brow terminology however it will also be friendly enough that even your children could read. Also this site coud well be used for posting up and coming events, lists of groovy new music and video's from previous years television viewing and in addition I will be sharing my experience with you about any recent updates for the Apple Mac. You can probably reach this input from me by looking to your left and reading my Tweets on Twitter or follow me @robbwindow.

Yours in Web blogging,