Greetings Web Viewers

It's only natural for me as an academic too begin this blog with just what specifically is having a natural progression. Firstly I will begin by introducing myself. My name is Robert and I live in London. I am over 30 and have an interest in both the lexical and the oratory message. Much of what I study is broad in that I try to quickly interpret what is actually being transpired on a polysemic level. That is more than one, by in large it requires juggling around differing objective academic views of gaseous data. This might include sociology, linguistic analyse, historical notations of ecological signposts. Objectively some of what I study is firstly consulted through wickapedia a great oracle for finding the basic sanctions of any topic, however arguably I am not a supporter of Wickapedia because as of yet I have not contributed to it's ever growing text in any way.

The natural progression within blogging without going into to much detail is about building a relationship with my readers, due to the transition within studies of academic text I have realised that I am now more able to answer any specific questions so please don't be shy feel free to fire a way and test the water. My interests specifically lie in media, be it movies, television scripts, music, what's popular, realism, semiotics and many other universal narratives. Additionally as a viewer I have gained an interest in the ethnographic quantative data of ethnographers within the realms of how new media is consumed. The internet however is only part of this new media. Within social media I have also realised that many people read what you write however it has not previously been the case that they have left any footprint of their doing so, however what often is written a few months later can be found on other sites, therefore the credibility of sharing information online is diminishing. That is people like me are getting disheartened by the repetition of new ideas even before they have had chance of being processed. However in the light of ecology this could be a good thing, downscaling though it seems the internet is a web of creativity, bearing in mind the word creativity recently has been linked with the topic of mans part in genocide (Yes deep I know but true see youtube lectures).

On a lighter note the objectivity of my style of writing will if necessary drip feed you with enough information to keep you as a reader happy, and if I quote any ideas I will cite the sources with some-kind of link-back to a blog or website. This blog is targeted at a reader who has a reasonable understand of high brow terminology however it will also be friendly enough that even your children could read. Also this site coud well be used for posting up and coming events, lists of groovy new music and video's from previous years television viewing and in addition I will be sharing my experience with you about any recent updates for the Apple Mac. You can probably reach this input from me by looking to your left and reading my Tweets on Twitter or follow me @robbwindow.

Yours in Web blogging,