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London 2009 World Internet summit in 5 days is being held at The London Thistle Hotel just outside Heathrow airport. If you are trying to make money online you must attend this conference. The target niche is mothers however there will be many other subjects being explained. The worlds top 12 internet marketers will be attending. If you are reading this within these five days you have a chance still of getting a ticket. On the bill is Shawn Casey, Howie Shwartz and Matt Bacak. Click the banners to book your seats. Or just read this message if you are already attending to drill down and find the easiest way possible of getting from A -B on the day.

Attending one of the biggest internet marketing seminar's this year? One 12th November The World Internet Summit begins. If you are reading this and already have your ticket booked this blog will prove very useful. If not and you are interested you can join by clicking the light blue flashing banners. The Summit is advertised mainly for Internet mothers, however some of the Internet Marketers attending are mainly blokes. Shawn Casey should be there within the four days, also Howie Shwartz seems to be on the bill, Matt Bacak and that's only three of twelve plus the two guy's who have organized the launch Brett McFall and Tom Hua.

This week on 12th Nov if you are quick by clicking either of the banners you see here you will get to attend a seminar at the Thistle Hotel near Heathrow Airport. I was there only yesterday and it is very easy to get to. You can get public transport direct from terminal 123 which is just up the escalator from the entrance of the Picadilly line (bus number 105) and keep your eyes peeled for the Thistle. Or you can go deluxe via the Hotel Hoppa Bus. You can get your ticket at flight arrivals or at the Thistle Hotel's reception. Be warned though if you have lots of bags a Bus hopper is your best best but will cost you £4 each way, it's a great journey and it goes all around the hotels. The bus hoppers have different numbers, the one you want for the Thistle is number 4, there may be more that drop you, your friends and all your bags of right outside the door of this hotel. If you prefer a more traditional method of arrival you can take a cab upstairs at either terminal 2 (which is nearer) or terminal three which is possibly where you arrived particularly if you have arrived form Asia or Singapore Airlines.

There is no set line-up of speakers but according to the website the following list contains the names of the internet marketing experts that "you could be learning from":

Tom Hua, Brett McFall, Sean Roach, Adam Ginsberg, Debra Thompson Roedl, Shaune Clarke, Ewen Chia, Armand Morin, Matt Bacak, Dave Lakhani, Howie Schwartz, Dr Mike Woo-Ming, Brian "Koz" Kozobucki, Mike Stewart, Matt & Amanda Clarkson, Nikhil Parekh, Barnaby De Palma, Perry Belcher, Shawn Casey, Raymond Aaron, James Schramko, Scott Letourneau, Michael Koenigs, Mark Ling, Simon Leung, Gail Bottomley, Carrie Wilkerson, Alok Jain and Roy Carter.

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The Thistle Hotel
Bath Road
Area: Heathrow

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