World Internet Marketers Summit Heathrow Thistle Hotel

World Internet Marketers Summit Heathrow Thistle Hotel.

These guy's were all very involved in up and coming information and online marketing niches. Look out for all these faces there sure to become successful online, thanks to the World Internet Summit organised by Tom Hua and Brett McFall.

Speakers included Ewen Chia, Armand Morin, Brian "Koz" Kozobucki, Mike Stewart, Raymond Aaron [The Secret & Chicken Soup], James Schramko, Scott Letourneau, Sean Roach, Tom Hua and many more.

Armand Morin did a great speech about driving video traffic with YouTube and later provided a great program for the World Internet Summit live today Saturday at the Heathrow Thistle Hotel.

This is Samantha Hoogenboom and she is the President of The Reconnection Reconnective Healing. This includes Neuro Linguistic Programming, Aromatherapy Massage and other alternative healing methods.

All in all albeit my first internet Seminar I had a really good day and look forward to returning for the final day tommorow. If you scroll down to the post below you will find the banners and link to the conference, with additional information about howto get there.

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