What schools of thought meant to different people

The Franfurt School of Academics have all sorts of secrets and mean different things to different people. 

Some other authors use these mid 20th century authors literature to touch base with cultural implications of whatever points they are bringing to the frey in their writing.

It's no secret knowing that depending on where you live and your geolocation has a big influence on how you see things. 

Some people call this looking through the world of rose tinted glasses. Others are caught up in the conditioning of their own lives. 

They are shaped on edge, operating at night time dark veil. Using infrared green lensed night glasses is the way they see things. Night goggles represent how on edge they are, understandable when you look at where they live and the levels of conflict they are exposed too. 

This gives us a basic understanding of why later authors attach good and bad labels to authors. 

These sorts of habits and experience give writers shortcuts to where they are, to where they want to be. 

The manifestos made by these Germanic academic authors march around the world educating the world inorder to get writing jobs. 

These jobs have rhythm and reason. 

Understanding the cultural implications puts a helpful coat to prime your language understanding and developing cultural art.