What quality of services should we provide?

When you have a business online you should provide the best service possible. This might meean developing a training programme for new people who do stuff for you.

If its a whole new industry and you are providing services or products that enable this industry you want to be educating people (clients or customers).

Technology plays a key role in today's consumer world.

If for example you get a website in a ranking position of knowing in your area in order to stay there without revealing all your secrets you are going to keep up to date with any competition.

If you know where your duties lies as far as keeping clients happy and are tuned into actual up to date feedback then everything should be ok.

There are shortcuts you can use that should evolve with natural progression.

Overtime you develop an understanding of what works and what does not work.

These are the sorts of secrets you should be taking to the grave with you.

Ideally you will bring these skills to any other projects you get involved in.

These are the sort of skills you can develop through reading and writing in a language of the heart towards building on your own literature.

If you want to make a mark in your industry and people to believe in whatever good it is you bring to the world then all the better for you.