From what we know today about learning

She put the MG into third gear and took her gaze from the mirror along the dashboard to me with a look of apology.

It was a beautiful day, the soft top was down and the wind was blowing in our hair as we drove from Castletown to Port St Mary. The classic white Jaguar was nice, it reminded me of how nice a teacher she was. Long blonde hair, blue eyes and by all measures very attractive.

I'd stuck my thumb out and Miss had picked me up hitch hiking, I did this a lot on the Isle of Man during my mid twenties, a lot of women pick up hitch hikers on the Isle of Man. Without blowing my own trumpet I've always been good looking and during the prime of my youth I may have been a hit with the ladies. Not only intelligent, dressed smart and not afraid to speak my mind. I've been picked up by many old teachers over the years. As a boy because of my learning disabilities I was often punished for doing bizarre things, mainly asking questions about things, reiterating what had already been asked in order for me to understand what was being said.

They know more about learning now than they did then. The punishments left an impression on me a bit. Mainly with the way I react to punishment. On the front end I would apologise, but behind the scenes my mind would be harvesting resentment because I could not understand why people got so angry at me for the littlest things. Yes I understand this may disrupt teaching, but never really understood why I got individual treatment.

Standing in the corner of the room in a white vest and underpants, stripped of all my clothes with my face to the wall with a class full of friends looking on. Everyone after the class said they thought this was harsh. I'd had tears in my eyes, was very angry but thanked the teacher at the end of the class, like I always did. I was only eight at the time, I got good grades in exams and was willing to go any lengths to learn.

The point I am getting at is that learning in a classroom requires a respect for other students, which I remember having. The competitive side of me uses humour to distinguish me from other people. This may disrupt teachers concentration. Or make them feel the butt of my jokes. Having dyspraxia can cause a lot of this confusing behaviour. If they knew then what they know about it now they probably would have treated me differently. I am glad that I did not receive any of this sort of preference.