Natural Progression in 2016 by Robert Bridge

Hi thanks for visiting. Today's entry is a section for submission to Natural Progression a book I have been writing for seven years, part of which is already online. You can download and read on any device here, just create a free account. If you are a writer this will really help.

Natural Progression 2016 by Robert Bridge

A natural progression can be tapped into when the fog clears. You can dip in and out like a sherbert bag. The days inbetween work themselves. Progressing naturally in your own time at your own rate gives plenty of room to do the other things in life.

You yourself can write when you can and when you struggle or find you cannot, no worries because you are accumulating something. No one is going to read or take your manuscripts until it's finished.

Transparency and self publishing a work in progress gives you something that may bring a huge sense of pride to what you do and who you are or meant to be.

The writers life opens a world of hope and dreams. Acting as a magnet where more people get behind you and boost your clear thoughts. This clears a lot of that fog or blocks you may have crafting your message. The thing is people are passionate about genres, if you position yourself in the best place for people who might like things you mention, the quicker this process could take place.

Through Natural Progression you can put your legs up. You can type with two fingers, I do not reccomend pen to paper not for this project anyway. You want the world to see this stuff. You will have to be reasonably honest else readers will see right through your posturing.

Natural Progression 2016
Life is a series of lessons and overtime we change, refine and improve. There are instances where people become so disconnected they mimic a collection of other people. It's hard to recognise these people anymore. If we cannot recognise you imagine how hard it feels to recognise yourself.

Open to a virus, where a failing strategy like this will leave you open to negativity. If you talk to impress a group of individuals to fit in, but people around you know you better than you know yourself. Your just a steam boiler waiting to blow. The best thing to do is be yourself and watch around you for mimes and mimics. It's easy to spot they often have facial twitches or cough when they are ready to chime in with impressing people. Natural Progression is about being yourself and not getting lost in unbalanced behaviour, being true to yourself and not parroting irrelevant information that makes people cringe.

Answers help us focus, we all want to help. I might but a bee in someone's bonnet by saying please stop looking for broad answers to the world's problems. Yes getting involved is going to make you fit in better. The time spent fitting into other organisations fallible structures will not last the test of time. Throughout the day however we do accumulate more stuff which makes us feel productive. This clashes with the solitary writer. I am not suggesting a continual anti thesis I just pointing out the minds eye of blocks and fog out there.

People need to go into the mind to find the voices shelved in areas of the mind outside of explanation. I have spoke to many writers who have wrote books outside there fields not easily able to explain the origins of such successful series of novels. Nature is a great catalyst. Free animal's and roadside experiences are but two triggers. Imagine being so consumed by a personal experience unique to you it fires dreams and new ways of enteurpreting the world.

The turnip at Halloween. The leak in Shakespeare. ET in a bicycles basket flying over the moon. These are examples I imagine and attribute to case and point. Writing is a basic skill, ideas come from a series of events. Your mandate should be writing something unique that makes people think in modern ways. And should be something worthy of saving rather than downloading and deleting. If you have a heap of stuff in your reading cloud always hang on to the things you treasure. If it's crap get rid of it, no one is going to judge you for being you and the interests and hunches you have yourself.

Are you writing to impress your lover? You might be. You might even be single like me, but still there is that niggling new romantic in you. This maybe the flattening block holding you back, or perhaps you know yourself readers don't want raw bones, nuts and bolts stuff. They want takeaways, wake up calls and bed time stories.

There is a saying 'a sucker is born everyday'. People do stuff that makes them assholes, or do the work associate with these such unfortunates. This sort of thing happens to us all, get over it and when your ready reconnect with Natural Progression. You should hold this stuff close, just outside like a doormat. When someone holds up the mirro and tells you what they have to look at it can go two ways. Please do not do this to anybody it might upset them, especially if they are already upset. Imagine decades of intermittent writing allowing you time out, Kit Kat, Diet Coke break.