Natural Progression in Politics by Robert Bridge

Hi my name is Robert Bridge and welcome to another one of my blogs. This is Natural Progession in Politics.
T h e year is 2016 and politics around the world is changing, so let's see how it is progressing. We see a rise in female leaders and lobbyists. Cutbacks are happening and the currencies are dropping to an all time low. Good news for people with bank accounts held in anything but sterling.
     We are seeing a change of hands in leadership and with this comes the change in temperament. The finger pointing and squabbling shows how government's are missing the important points, either that or this is simply what they want you to see and talk about.
     Tribal trains of thought are dancing together bringing classes of citizens together. With each speech a new voice is born, mostly from a place of confusion and trying to fit it.
     Alternatively we see beliefs changing which alternates the way we do our shopping. Health is important and this improving because more solutions are available to relax in a world media announcing anxiety and grief.  Interestingly this makes political arguments more interesting as more men take it on the chin waiting outside these new Anne Summer's stores.
     The rise in gamers and mobile hand held devices is rising partly due to the advancement in headphones, graphics and battery life. Paid adverts have never been more important which support the power of consumerism.
     Equally we see a dilution of beliefs in a melting pot of recent scientific and unscientific breakthroughs which make people embarrassed to stand up and be counted.