Dan Millman at TEDxBerkeley

Dan Millman has a nice film about him, its about sports motivation you'll like it. This Ted Talk shows that even at 68 years of age coach Dan Millman is still able to display Athletic actions as well as coach.

The film is about an imaginary coach and is a uplifting story of injury, overcoming injuries and successfully winning. If you enjoy the TedXBerkley talk check out the film, its called 'Peaceful Warrior'.


Natural Progression in the field of Science

Science has long been revered in the publishing and teaching industry. As you know publishing has like most topics I write about here follow some sort of natural progression. No revelations here you might think, any recent student of science will tell you a similar interesting story and as I am not a graduate of science it would be foolish of me to write about all the new areas open to our global educational index. However self education is very important to me and is something I always try to install into my updates.

The natural progression of science I would like to focus on which is very good in the publishing of science in all its facets is coding. Coding is a mine field that has not yet been easily documented in a way in which is practical for finding employment. Many new roads of coding lead to making previous languages obsolete. This sort of derivation is fine compared to localised languages around the world. That said some areas that could be not worth learning for somebody new wanting to gain employment in a certain field has already proved its weight in salt. When new languages are being taught particularly online in the self educational space its hard to visualise the end point for employment and the practicality of this sort of coding becomes uncertain and unknown to the student.

Also in coding unlike science the effects or the end result of the work done in coding is not all that spectacular. The roles of coding can seem mundane to the untrained eye. So how can we visualise on the practicalities of programming? Also you can read about three things in coding that are said to be spectacular, attractive, exciting in some way when actually its not all that exciting they just say it is in the hope that you will stay happy long enough to stick around and learn enough new code in one area of publishing or calculating so as to be able to employ you for a few years whilst that new language is in beta level. This at the moment I believe is to do with funding, so the more money that is pumped into a language the more chance there will be more work to pass around. And people can go on stage and try and speak about new things. I sure you agree many speakers have already been given topics which when they come to speak the topic is already a nostalgic and often less practical subject, so if you want to keep ahead of the curve keep learning and trying to make connections with what works in the work place. But also be mindful that these new teachings help make way for new younger employees so as to keep an even keel in the employment sector. You must have some sort of practical experience and you can get this easily whilst studying by applying straight to the horses mouth. You might have to travel or connect with people face to face via Skype as some sort of conversation needs to happen. Ask any scientist they will tell you a similar thing. Its all very well staying indoors focusing on an explanation but by going out and sharing where your head is at there is more chance of your brains frequency of making tangible positive ripples in the field your in.

So what is coding? What language does what best? In what field does science spill into in the real world. You could speak to other scientists and find out where they ended up. Which journals took them under there wing and what feedback helped them to progress in life and career. Where to start and where to focus. I could give you a list of languages but chances are in a couple of years many new ones will pop up.

What is the difference between a developer and programmer?

How are app developers not necessarily what individual employers are looking for?

How has publishing changed and why is science such a leader in understanding all this structural information?

Why do young scientists have what it is you are looking for and once you find the right person how then can you quickly and easily qualify them? For example some hurdles you might face is that you both speak to different languages, its very similar in IT.

When you want something simple done in coding, where can you turn, who do you speak to and where do you draw the line and admit it is over your teachability index?


Information about the future and searches online

Subscribe to me on FriendFeed Everyone are searching for new things on the backend of information that has already been completed in a sense. The variety of ways of consuming information on the internet as much as the way in which the queries are made in search. Search engines are evolving to keep up with the number one search engine. As the predictive text in search expands the sections of information expand. Search is therefore a suggestive tool to predict the future. The further you manage to drill down and find what is happening gives incite into what might be trends worth investing time in. The creative mind is a way of keeping busy and trying out many different ways of producing content in a format most fitting for the audience. In this short article I will share what I know. From this I hope more people will continue to contribute in creative mode, creating new content for people to consume. If video's are your thing this may help you plan your next video. If presentations and speaking in front of an audience is you, then I am sure you will already understand what I am talking about. My hope is this article may trigger something in you to improve on your patterns of creativity to wow your audience. If you are a writer this will give you inspiration to keep on creating your own research and share it on multi platforms to improve your visibility on the social side of the world wide web. Everyone lives in their own world of curiosity, searching online creates a pattern, which is universal in many different ways. Looking outside of your own box requires and understanding of requirements needed for different people, who perhaps use certain terminology. These people will not notice if you use or introduce other special terminology and feel confused and click away. The argument for this is that as much as the search is changing, so is the acceptable synonyms in a sense although useful for developing new content is also a risk because of this risk of people feeling tired and confused by new information. Spaces converge when similarities occur. This is nothing new, from country music to punk rock people recognise the new terminology over time. Those at the forefront of these trends have opportunities to attend the best events and sing-a-long with people who at a later date will be unreachable due to the success and demand the consumer world makes on those individuals. This is when creativity and expansion slows down, the desire to move offline and relax sets in and the next generation move in and continue doing the same stuff that works. They may use better graphics or software that creates professional content into the best video, or they may have purchased software and explained how they used that software. If you are proud of what you have done, made the necessary adjustments to keep in the top 3 of all time of the long tail definition everything you represent makes complete sense. Reformatting copyright information is all that is left and the style your website uses from the response time or the selection of fonts again represents something to the audience you speak too. The lexical nostalgia for text is an interesting concept. Contrastingly when changes occur from size to variations of HTML, people get tired no matter how nostalgic. A great way to test this is simple copy in a format which is outside the reach of normal search engines. Then we have the world wide web 3 -5 another concept I assume may also add to the requirements people expect. Similarly creating content on website properties that are not investing in https access, again could make certain people doubt whatever it is they are reading. After all in theory a five year old could create this content. Imagine this, ever since you were born like when you learned the secondary language of your mother tongue a child understands and has the conscious competence to type a certain amount of words a minute. The ability to learn for the corrections made, the foreword thinking of finding and more importantly using on a regular basis methods that help creation stand out. Predictive text is a good example with the speed of typing text without completing words. On the internet particularly the major search, the added text at the end of a sequence of words begins to expand into sentences, paragraphs and exact retrieval of original sources. The same goes for images. From presentation to video or text to image these pockets of duplicate creativity have not yet totally converged. I have always been a believer in a better future, with more truth and transparency and have been educated enough to know that citing anything that is not of your own making will also yield respect and unity from people also interested in the original creators of this sort of useful creativity. People constructively resonate with different types of people it maybe age group, else it maybe attraction. For example a women can often explain something in a completely different way simply by saying the same thing, if she is building an audience and at the top of her game, these old styles of creativity will start trending again in that particular community. The search will already have all the answers. People who want to fast track there way in can invest on the top positions and have banners and pop ups placed in all-sorts of positions on video's especially. Video's again are advertisements that people invest to have those video's broadcast on different platforms often hidden from search. Reaching large audiences, some will be excited by the reminder of the past, many will simply enjoy the new information, citing information is just one way of keeping yourself in check. Sometime in the future if someone decides to research the words you string together the origins of where it all came from will eventually be revealed to themselves. You do not want to create any disenchantment when making your point. And regardless of how far the understanding goes, thought and creativity are two different things. Creativity online no matter what anyone tell you are always inspired by times of the year at certain celebrations. Similarly the shape of the moon can help understand peoples patterns. The problem seems to be to many people spend time in thought instead of meditative journals of their own progression. And when everything is in place the temptation is to change everything, close everything down or ask for a donation of create in a format which brings a return on investment of time. History however offline often made in groups and contained in faculties has many of the answers that people seek. There are many symposiums happening all around the world at any given moment, which make people stumble upon things, who knows it may even be something you said, whist in creative mode which is archived online someplace that this group picks upon and chooses to share in all the right places. For example if you share this article in your Google community group there maybe more of a chance that someone in your Google community group might also share. Lots of +'s can really help. Many of these shares now automatically get shared elsewhere in one swoop. From Tumblr to Twitter, it all adds to the revival and curious nostalgia of the past. I could talk about this for ages but I will stop there because it is nothing new. To wrap this very basic point I am presenting here is this, not every search engine and browser is keeping up with the curve old is often better than new. The new text might look good on your phone, but on someone else's in another country it may not even load. Additionally there are so many browsers that people still use that by keeping it very simple you are maximising your chances of messages getting across. This can also conflict in flash on video's that do not play on phone. Depending on your conversions and expectations this means you should test this stuff. The speed it takes to load, the next new set of codes, web platforms of java script could actually be holding you back from where you were five years ago and where you are going today. The ability to reinforce and reignite helpful information in the most secluded groups means anything is possible and also adds to the amount of queries being typed or spoken into search queries. This year is no different to any other year. And as I have already mentioned my faith in the translation of texts between the various modalities remains the same. The impact it has on me and anyone else however regardless of age is something we should all admire. Its nice to try a bit of everything when creating content. From text to presentation, presentation to video or presentation live recorded in front of an audience. Its all team building and adds to the social proof, there is always an easier way to syndicate this stuff too. I could go on and on but for now since this is my first article I will end it there. Thanks for reading. www.isnare.com is where I have submitted this article, hopefully they publish and syndicate so other people can share. 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Natural Progression in a broad sense

Subscribe to me on FriendFeed The time it takes to discover something does not take very long. Setting up a place where you can share this information and acquire content again is very simple, there are ways you can personalise this but there are downsides to this, I want to explore Natural Progression and I sense this will be broad in content but I as ever hope to communicate with you what I mean.

Your own natural progression within is different in marketing. The wrong approach, however pursuing your own path of discovery without upsetting people who are also doing the same thing and ignoring the observations or others as they react to your original content. Your ideas and experience and learned knowledge I agree is an institution in itself and understand why you want to protect what you are in essence constructing everyday.

The danger of information is the distraction. The distraction is the RSS Feed, it could even be the incremental changes to make to improve the aesthetics. Its tempting to change, but when the topic of change comes up of course we feel suspicious. After-all how can you rely on someone or something that is always about to change.

Take the natural progression of a community and compare that you the popularity of fashion or a new trend. In natural progression by the time things become popular people get onto the back of these things. Some people are better than others at telling stories, copying paid methods. If you paid thousands of pounds for a script, then told to follow that script word for word, video after video how would you avoid being a liar?

You see natural progression and being an ideas person, with a pocket full of keys and being able to distinguish between a winner and a maybe depends on how to explain what it means to you. This is a key part of containing your own natural progression. Is it fair to say to much research is a smoke screen?

Answer: Research online is determined by the topical news, the news releases come from the top down and constructed as such to filter back down to a bigger idea, constructing your own release within you micro explanation that filters back to the top of your own hub or idea is simple in the world of social media. This will get easier as your team gets bigger. But in natural progression you will be diluting your own message and knowledge in outsourcing, giving away your expressions and ideas away in social media and product launches.

Natural progression is a free for all party for some and a lonely passion for others, those without ideas need a place to go, but over time of listening to being told what to do will inevitably lead to an identity crisis, accepting the way it is can be fundamentally different, however its true and if you are in this position the best thing you can wish for within the oligarchy is at the end everyone concur 'He (or she) was a great person, they never said anything bad about anyone and were part of a lucrative long standing business'.

Well read people will always look down on those that do not except the script and use that script to stop you in your tracks with neourolinguistic techniques to slow down natural progression with pattern recognition. Sometimes these things will be set up and put in place because you did not invest into there idea and they will use your natural progression to confuse and shut you down and worse still transfer your ideas in to paid products, it happens everyday, but do not worry the only way they can shut you down is create a closure of your publishing domain and re-edit there narrative to cover for your own original story, so watch out for this because the path to natural progression is riddled with trouble makers.

Using isolation, avoiding the gaze and respect of who you are as time changes are just some of the things you should be looking out for. The timing and information available to all and the shared readings of Orwell's 1984 has been available to many tribes. People like to highlight governmental organisations but they are just moving you away from your own identity. Loosing identity and moving into other worlds will move you into majority and group mind, good if you want fellowship but bad if you are paranoid about group control.

Another consideration I recommend is respect. When you find a solution that helps you on your natural progression you will be inclined to promote and recommend everything they do, this is fair enough however your own natural progression depends on three factors.

  1. Originality
  2. Integrity
  3. Respect
 From original good ideas comes popular adaptations within popular products that adopt and communicate with the change that received a nominal amount or reads reactions and criticisms. Determining what is good in an age when terminology and topics that are not good based on the confusion of all the bad is what is happening here.

Why does this happen? I believe, people with influence and the ability to control others are often constructed from bad experience that have thrown them into the place of success. The worse its been the more motivated the message to empower the reader and colleague with illusions of hope. The trick is to you is prove it was not bad, it was never that bad and we live in a world where everything is good and would like to share that good with you, reading between the lines is getting more difficult as the amount of actors, mentors and techniques increase. Being understood is very attractive for many but will therefore distracting in your pursuit of natural progression.

That said you would not be looking for success if naturally had it going on, so understanding the voice and tone of whom I may be speaking to is important. When you found this post you did not have to optin to anything, I had no secret micro social media account or asked you for any monthly subscription. But if I did then this would be part of my natural progression.

Without this Natural Progression would be inviting in a isolation and be identified as a troublemaker. The truth is business changing all the time, and the dependence on the source of natural progression will be good, putting the pieces together and constructing an image of the completed picture is something that happens behind the scenes within groups that will at least do anything to identify and shut down any distractions. This is a place where natural progression can be forcibly created. So your business should be looking out for this too in your reader, preserving RSS and avoiding any changes or updates are often the things that are out of your hands, so tracking these changes in analytics and messages is another. Hope this helps.


Update on Natural Progression about Blogger and Malware

Subscribe to me on FriendFeedBlogspot is currently experiencing an influx of new settings and people we who use blogger in the millions by the way have experienced since 2007 many different changes. From using the older type of format settings to the newer Javascript enabled template to now the newer type of blogger platform. This is just another example of Natural Progression. The book on Lulu is slowly but surely still being developed and an apology to all the readers, subscribers and fans who wish to get a copy of this book this post is a remit announcement and apology to say the book will not completed for a few more months. Previously the goal was to have this book out for April. Unfortunately this is not the case. So to make up for this I am going to help you as a blogger here on Blogspot to adjust your blog and remove any malware that may be showing in your page.

Last month I went through a couple of blogs of mine and removed the text that was coming up to show the page warning a read page. Now the way I dealt with this problem on two different blogs is completely different. In both cases if left long enough the blog would have been completely have been de indexed from the organic search engines. Similarly the problem is very simple and the measures you need to troubleshoot this problem yourself if indeed you are experiencing this I am sure this will help. The good news is most of the guidance to fix comes within the goodies that Google provides in settings and API.

By going to Web central with the same account you have registered with your Blog*spot account. There you will find if the blog is registered correctly, if it is not then do that. The reason for this is because the Google adds you enable in web central also in the link hub of your URL gives a full diagnostic of the problem you may or may not be having. In both case I had trouble with a link. The two links were different. One of the links was a reciprocal back-link and the other was from outdated software that gave the other blog authority. In both cases unbeknown to me the source of these links had been getting up to no good, hence the malware detection on my Blogspot page.

Another example and not something I recommend is taking Java script images that are provided on Google. The Google search box often has very impressive images and, yes the temptation to blog these images caused trouble for another one of my blogs. This example does not create malware, but what it does do if spotted by the hand that feeds you creates a whole number of page loading problems. This imaging problem is the same across the board. Progressively the sharing of images has become more frequent and the hosting of images on personal blogs not only has copyright necessities even when correctly cited can bring your blog into disrepute. Flicker is a good source for information because if you do choose someone else's image they will be notified that you have used them. You can contact them and ask them nicely before hand or you can just choose to take your own images and continue to use freely branded images and Wickapedia through the use of various well known editors.

Finally I end on this tip if the HTML gets to much to know where your malware problem is coming from there is a help page where you can submit your problem where by Google operatives will get back to you. If all else fails not to worry just take your blog back to either the 2003 or 2007 template, but remember in many cases if you add any other templates to the 2007 version the right handed column may now be obsolete. Hope this helps and thanks for your patience.


Larry Winget on Problem Solving


Our Natural Media Reach Progression

The Diet Coke test - 6400 ISOImage by Rafakoy via Flickr
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Our media albeit Social has a reach as any affiliate will tell you but the structure of media and how it is accessed down effectively is unclear, so what I propose is a structured analyse of your overall reach, read on for my spin on this.

Media from Top down has had to change over the years, the early days of media the corporate reach, reached out to millions of listeners, readers and cinema goers. Media from the beginning was structured as such not without heartache and restructuring, aligning with available media devices; such as printing press, wireless for those who could afford and cheap tickets to movies accompanied by human participation of the organist. The companies that fed the new media joined forces and branded themselves with impressive motifs depending on how high up the scale they were of the worlds first bite of media. 

Now we can break this history into chunks and keep in mind I am trying to shape our media, not some mission statement or universal goal plan but understand like any media the relationships required for business to succeed. In the early 30's for example the movie industries success depended on the amount of cinema's that were taking tickets for Saturday afternoon screenings, evening slots and early numerical analytics. The revenue paid for more films food for the movie industry but it also paid for the overheads of the cinema. From this relationship the necessity for the Media corporations desire to get not only have there logo's at the beginning and end of a movie, they also sponsored the cinema's with a large brand outside the cinema, that's what sponsorship is.

Underneath all this were problems, after all large companies depending on there demographics and potential reach began to expand and close down smaller business's, and this is a prime example of the top down of media. 

But what our media consists of is culturally more Eastern analogy, waving the banner of media bottom up approach. Admittedly the relationships still remain the same and the competition is fierce, we have never been at a greater time to use new media to climb the social ladder. Arguments are small and melt into the blogosphere rather than paste the morning tabloids.

The media reach is based on a premise of understanding and working with other people within the sphere. The reps at the top of there expertise, like back in the thirties and much earlier are headhunted by the real media as apposed to our media. But here is the spinner, PR helpers of Media celebrities, you know people on telly who get a blue sticker on Twitter are only now stepping into the Social Media arena to scout and help and guide key people of influence. 

Image representing Digg as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBaseAdmittedly the corporate price of adopting the structure of an organised our media approach is paid and bought for staff to do there job, but this structure is paid for and based on already proved mechanisms; but in my experience of what I like to think as our media, is way beyond that, you only have to revisit old haunts like Digg book marker or Myspace to see how times change. Economically without us playing in the space, there is no media reach, but the top down approach will still reach you whether your at home walking down the high street travelling on a plane, or even on a beach with a big bright balloon floating in the air advertising something.

In summary having somewhere to live and grow where people are is at a place where expertise have never been so accessible,  many would argue within new media that controlling this information is key. By sitting someone down at a desk and say your good at that and do it all day, everyday until we choose to do something else. This is why therapies and psychological positions have arisen, this is perhaps why narratives in movies have somewhat been diluted by the encrypted advertising plus the need to shape ideology have risen. New jobs have been created, but many jobs are never actually understood until of course you find yourself doing it day in day out. for example this week I was reading a blog from a blogger on Blogspot who was talking about the life of a link builder. He went on about his day to day duties, but because he had been doing it for quite sometime encrypted in his tea breaks and going out to walk the dog blurbs he clearly expressed the core modules of link building; the worth it has in today's society and even gave little snippets of what big companies paid him dough for his services, I like this because its like a window on the world I can understand.
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