Joomla and how they have progressed in podcasting.

Thinking about joining a community of millions of people in a place where you can design a website at a reasonable price with an added luxury of having your own podcast within that community. If the answer is yes then Joomla is a safe bet. If you are already using Joomla and are interested in making your very own podcast then here is your link. You can download the software here and it is constantly being updated. This link is a reliable link for a trusted free download for podcast software.


If you have no experience with Joomla what so ever you can follow the link below and download over 2,000 free templates that will help you join this fast growing online website community. It's great fun and easy to do, just follow the steps included on this page.


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Michael Cheney AdSense Videos - Master The Basic

The video below has been around for a couple of years, Michael Cheney AdSense Videos - Master The Basics is a good way of understanding the basics of setting up your page. One he is British and can explain the difference about working for Google-Add-sense and two he freely explains his experience with trying to make money online. But more importantly he reminds you of the basics before even starting to expect revenue coming into your age.

In this video Michael takes questions and answers which highlight three things. The first is his outline of promoting yourself. Secondly he reminds you about the mistakes you can make by asking the wrong questions to people and secondly the spelling errors in questions can really effect the judgement of a human never mind Google.

Finally these next video's posted on Google shows Michael Chaney's video's that although outdate and have been slapped by Google laws it shows some dramatic tactics that used to work with improving your adds, like supporting them conversely on your page with images.

Incidently you can find Michael's latest launch or squeeze page if you follow the link, don't worry it's not an affilliate link.

Natural Progression With Google Advertising

Google advertising can be very complicated or very easy. If you want to make life easy in your quest to grow in Google's favour there are some basic protocols you need to follow. Even then nothing is set in stone. If you intend on making money from Google solely by using AdSense I would say go back to your day job. This is not an easy task and with the current difficulties in the world finances today I would recommend that you don't solely rely on one advertising company.

For example look at other creative social networking sites like Squidoo. Squidoo has a facility where you can try and make
money with an affiliate program with advertising for Amazon. That is using your affiliate site and drawing from selected sales which maybe even hosted on your own Amazon page offered to you by Amazon and drawing traffic from Squiddo specifically to pages which you already have affiliation with and have listed on your own Amazon page which will help Amazon track your pays per click and therefore make it easier for Squiddo to affiliate your lenses with the selected Amazon adds you choose on the particular lenses. If you do this then you are sure to progress naturally with making money online there.

Similar again to Squidoo there is a page which is another affiliated advertising content page called Hub Pages where writers can make there articles link up to other sites to acquire money from Google.
The observation here like Squidoo is that you can easily set up advertisements on a page without having to go through tried and tested methods to earn money from affiliated advertising sites. Hubspot is a site where your Hubpages can be tracked on how well the content is being appied to each individual page. They have like Google another affiliation with advertising. That is called Kontera adds. these adds can additionally earn money and are textually very visual but it is much more difficult to set up an account with than Google.