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Our media albeit Social has a reach as any affiliate will tell you but the structure of media and how it is accessed down effectively is unclear, so what I propose is a structured analyse of your overall reach, read on for my spin on this.

Media from Top down has had to change over the years, the early days of media the corporate reach, reached out to millions of listeners, readers and cinema goers. Media from the beginning was structured as such not without heartache and restructuring, aligning with available media devices; such as printing press, wireless for those who could afford and cheap tickets to movies accompanied by human participation of the organist. The companies that fed the new media joined forces and branded themselves with impressive motifs depending on how high up the scale they were of the worlds first bite of media. 

Now we can break this history into chunks and keep in mind I am trying to shape our media, not some mission statement or universal goal plan but understand like any media the relationships required for business to succeed. In the early 30's for example the movie industries success depended on the amount of cinema's that were taking tickets for Saturday afternoon screenings, evening slots and early numerical analytics. The revenue paid for more films food for the movie industry but it also paid for the overheads of the cinema. From this relationship the necessity for the Media corporations desire to get not only have there logo's at the beginning and end of a movie, they also sponsored the cinema's with a large brand outside the cinema, that's what sponsorship is.

Underneath all this were problems, after all large companies depending on there demographics and potential reach began to expand and close down smaller business's, and this is a prime example of the top down of media. 

But what our media consists of is culturally more Eastern analogy, waving the banner of media bottom up approach. Admittedly the relationships still remain the same and the competition is fierce, we have never been at a greater time to use new media to climb the social ladder. Arguments are small and melt into the blogosphere rather than paste the morning tabloids.

The media reach is based on a premise of understanding and working with other people within the sphere. The reps at the top of there expertise, like back in the thirties and much earlier are headhunted by the real media as apposed to our media. But here is the spinner, PR helpers of Media celebrities, you know people on telly who get a blue sticker on Twitter are only now stepping into the Social Media arena to scout and help and guide key people of influence. 

Image representing Digg as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBaseAdmittedly the corporate price of adopting the structure of an organised our media approach is paid and bought for staff to do there job, but this structure is paid for and based on already proved mechanisms; but in my experience of what I like to think as our media, is way beyond that, you only have to revisit old haunts like Digg book marker or Myspace to see how times change. Economically without us playing in the space, there is no media reach, but the top down approach will still reach you whether your at home walking down the high street travelling on a plane, or even on a beach with a big bright balloon floating in the air advertising something.

In summary having somewhere to live and grow where people are is at a place where expertise have never been so accessible,  many would argue within new media that controlling this information is key. By sitting someone down at a desk and say your good at that and do it all day, everyday until we choose to do something else. This is why therapies and psychological positions have arisen, this is perhaps why narratives in movies have somewhat been diluted by the encrypted advertising plus the need to shape ideology have risen. New jobs have been created, but many jobs are never actually understood until of course you find yourself doing it day in day out. for example this week I was reading a blog from a blogger on Blogspot who was talking about the life of a link builder. He went on about his day to day duties, but because he had been doing it for quite sometime encrypted in his tea breaks and going out to walk the dog blurbs he clearly expressed the core modules of link building; the worth it has in today's society and even gave little snippets of what big companies paid him dough for his services, I like this because its like a window on the world I can understand.
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Natural Progression and Self confidence.

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Natural Progression and Self confidence on Yahoo.

Natural Progression and Self confidence at internet marketing summit.

Natural Progression and Self confidence on Twitter too.


Natural Progression of the Database and the history of Oracle

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Larry Ellison (1944) according to Forbes.com is the sixth richest person in the world worth $28 Billion Dollars and is the Co founder of Oracle Corporation. Oracle is a database originally designed for the CIA. Larry Ellison conceived in New York schooled and graduated in Chicago. Ellison in the seventies was inspired by Edgar F Codd's (1923-2003) academic paper "A relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks". During the nineties Oracle hit financial law suits due to an error made declaring cash and revenues, this opened the way for companies like Structured Queried Language (SQL) and DB2 to grow with Linux style open source languages. Business companies Microsoft, Informix, Sybase grew and eventually dominated and developed mid range systems and micro computers (third generation computers). Oracle for three years in the start of the 1990's struggled to keep up and by 1993- 94 Silicone Valley noticed the rise of Oracle thanks to challenging court cases and reinstating of company earnings. Ellison also owns large shares in NetSuite and Quark Biotechnology Inc.

He is also friends with the past CEO of Apple Steve Jobs, Steve no longer works for Apple. He has a license to fly planes, has been married four times and just recently purchase a mansion previously owned by German Baroness and Countess Astor worth over $10.5 million. He also owns many properties doted all over America, Malibu, Florida and California and they are all very comfortable.

In 2006 he donated $115 million to Harvard University, and is also cited by Forbes as the most charitable. As well as education he also funded anti aging developmental techniques. His wish is to give away 95% of his wealth to charitable causes. CNET reported when Ellis grew richer than Microsoft's Bill Gates. I am currently still reading Bill Gates book "The Road Ahead" and its very good.


Edgar F Codd and his paper wrote 40 years ago inspired Kristamurthi, Huei-Hung Chen, Klaus Zimmerman, and many other people. Research that ranges from Artificial Intelligence, cybernetic research and through Database programming and easily storing and organising complex data.

Your can read the list of people and the PDF from the 1970's by clicking the ACM link:

Basically Codd created twelve universal rules for database management to be relational and valid. The system must qualify as relational, as a database, and as a management system:
  • Rule 1: The information rule
  • Rule 2: The guaranteed access rule
  • Rule 3: Systematic treatment of null values
  • Rule 4: Active online catalog based on the relational model
  • Rule 5: The comprehensive data sublanguage rule
  • Rule 6: The view updating rule
  • Rule 7: High-level insert, update, and delete
  • Rule 8: Physical data independence
  • Rule 9: Logical data independence
  • Rule 10: Integrity independence
  • Rule 11: Distribution independence
  • Rule 12: The nonsubversion rule

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Understanding Writing Classified Progressive Ads

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Writing classified ads is good but not with out some slip ups. Getting traffic is a key component of getting hits to your site. One way is buy putting the posting of these classified ads to a multiple stream of places. Another way is making video's.

As you may have noticed the video above is very crude, if you are thinking about making a presentation with Powerpoint and think it is easy just creating a movie with Powerpoint you will be very much mistaken. I have the 2007 version so perhaps this is why I spent all day trying to get this video to you. I spent many hours typing SEO for the video and churning out content to only find disinchantment and struggle.

Below is a screen capture of how I managed to retain some intergrity, from my days typing. If anything can go wrong online then it generally happens to me I do not wish this to happen again so I am going to blog about it here on Natural Progression.

What you can see above is a screen capture of a previous post that did not upload from Powerpoint presentation. Uploading the video in the format provided by Powerpoint was .mov this should have been good but Powerpoint have to muck everything up.

I have spent the whole day getting messed about with trying to upload it to various places to convert the video one of these places recommended online was a site which converts the format into a file but when I went there they would only accept ppt files.
This of course when eventually uploaded changed the text and the upload was ridiculous. If you want to learn more about this I am afraid you should opt into my newsletter list.

Natural Progression is good only when people opt into my list afterall I generally optin to you rlist and this stuff works both ways. I you want to know about problems even before they happen I can give you a few solutions in my newletter as well as give you a few guided suggestions from the real experts. Not that I am not its just I like reading and try and implement what I learn as and when it comes in. If you need any research doing, building a website or anything like this then Skype me on Robbwindow.

Failing that you might want to check out the link to my website.



Natural Progression of Pipes and Pipelines

What is the definition of Pipes or Pipelines?

The best place to start when speaking to you and your business or entrepreneurship list building and tracking your correspondence with existing customers, potential leads and time management through reminders. The basic definition of pipelines is about transitions that predicate between already used applications and the prefixed improvements involved in the extensions available and the compatibility between these pipelines.

Smart-sheets have been around for quite some time and users of Microsoft technical Office equipment will be well aware of the time saved by using these documents. On the back end of this there are new pioneers who are solely focusing on improving the positive parts of these tools some of them offer an excellent service and infuse the pipes in the most professional service but none offer the how-to help required more so than your friendly neighbourhood Google. Smart Sheet for example is one example of Pipeline management in action, in fact if you watch this video you will understand more if you don't not already know what pipe project management is.

Much of this type of Pipe management is still only at testing level and by getting onto it now you can enjoy all these tools for free thats what excites me about all these tools. Be reminded though these types of software are often open source, this is good because you can access it anywhere but the downside of this and anyone with a server or primary database will understand much of the cached documents businesses hold are extremely sensitive.

The interesting thing about this fear is you have to weigh the weight of transactions you are receiving, holding and saving with the alternative of constantly deleting and filing and wasting. This type of re indexing of data wrapped up in newer applications is rebinded and the recovery of this data is rolled forward and the internal structure of the these types of documents in binary formats can be measured this type of rearranging documents is known as a handle. In excel these types of rearranging within columns is taken from refined Scala methods and translate through the fullselct of single values of columned data.

My views on this are very limited although as I am sure you are aware most of the portals in life have already been opened and if being part of the experiment is to risky for you or your business to prefetch then this is not for you, however you might want to employ to process or recommend it to some of your employees or representatives just so more than anything that you do not get left behind in the dust of other Internet information technological industries.

That way you can find out opinions on what definitely do work and how much easier your business will be to pruning, running and maintaining during these economic times. Similarly if you are the owner of this software you will have unlimited access to this data and surely this will not only reduce costs but also improve your long-sighted visions of future business online.

Here's what Microsoft were saying in 2009.


Companies like IBM and CISCO offer high end services that go through the alternative protocols on dealing with created pipes and offer high authority clearance and security of monitoring such organisational data. In layman's terms if you are organising something be it an event or a highly business orientated vision where you business is going you will need to uses equipment developed by these companies and the software used open source or registered will likely be a glossary of the work done at these levels.

When using these platforms issued by bigger companies you can often become comfortable with what you have but when you have someone examining the extensions you will be one step ahead of finding those new pockets of the internet within Information Technology that you never dreamed could help you. Its almost like the difference between a breeze block phone and a tiny tiny I Phone 4, they both do similar jobs but one does more, that's the simplest analogy I can think that will regularly explain most of these technical improvements for example on line.

Finally in order to define one piece of terminology used in this post I have also posted a video on the history of the Scala Method. If you found this post helpful please drop your thoughts below, if you have any questions or require me to do some research for you or your company then contact me here. If one the other hand you just want some friendly advice you can try that to.

Here is my final recommendation the matter.


Natural Progression and the eb and flow of traffic

Social bookmark this As the eb and flow of traffic washes up to the shore it brings up new things to the land. Generally the ebb and flow of the ocean depends on the time of day and determined by the position. Getting traffic online is a key part of any bloggers dream. Consistency and momentum has generated a steady eb and flow of traffic especially when you are using RSS feeds, things like feed-burner you can see your readers rise rapidly. If you are still a avid reader of Google Reader I am sure you have many blogs that you have subscribed to via this handy tool, but these numbers can be deceptive, no more deceptive than an e-mail list however tracking your results regularly will not only determine where you are going wrong with things sent out. Similarly you can track you micro-sites. This ebb and flow of traffic can determine how many hots you will get for a good individual post. Similarly if you post a negative keyword within your blog post you can rapidly reduce the size of traffic. So what ways are available to avoid all these progressive mistakes.

Recently I have been getting reports from people who uploaded the script for Viral Listspawner, have managed to get the four referrals but are struggling to login to there Viral Listspawner page. Hopefully this page will be tracked online so you can find it more easily, you will not find this link in your e-mail.

One way is to earn your way into a syndication, rather than join special Blogger sites that other bloggers can find you add you to friends list and such or adding a broad number of RSS aggregators this method below is something I believe has helped thousands of people be warned though you need four referrals before you can get your own viral code to embed on your blog. Its very magnetic but remember you need four referrals. So far on using Twitter alone I have sent this post out into the internet via micro-sites like Twitter and have received over 500 hits unfortunately my stats say I only have one referral ok I need three more, please join from my link below then you can get on the front end of this amazing affiliate code which will expose your targeted site blog to a relevant buying savvy audience. As a bonus I have attached the login page I suggest after registering you bookmark the Login Page because it is not included in the e-mails sent to you.

Register link

Login to your account link

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Natural Progression

Today's post here on Natural Progression (np) is not all good news so be warned before reading some of what you read may make you sad and confused, but most of it will make you smile and make you happy. We also go into explaining what the last post was all about.

If you like many are surfing around looking more information, reading the lines of copyright sales letters or churning away with implementing the new strategies people are sharing with you online how to approach people online with relevant selling information then I am sure you will get something from reading this post. So what's it all about?

Well recently the economy has moved into a new spin, but the good news is that if you relate with the introduction, or maybe even you are already a practising copy writer you will be glad to see people are actually interested. So regardless of what you are saying people generally statistically are going to read what you write, but as you know having a camera on your phone can be very helpful; as they say images often, when churning out content and feeding the search engines is great food for viewers. Remember many of us read our blog subscriptions through our readers, remember you Google Reader?

But whats often missing is a call for action, I mean something more related to what it is you have just said. SO what is It I have just said? well I have not said anything yet, but natural progression is something that lives within ourselves, the good news is as we already know the information portals have been open for quite some time now. You have many ways of sharing your message with the world and similarly if you read the news and read opinions and reports from people within relevant fields of thought you can mastermind your own ideas about just about anything.

The downside of this is we are masters of many and delegating chores between each other and meeting up and creating think tanks could one day, well deplete as people become empowered to individually run there own castles. Now I stop for a minute and ask you to visualize this and imagine many thousands of castles with little motes and electronic doors to stop humans in there tracks, for just a minute. Then think history, think what you learned about dinosaurs and the information we get from fossils to think how long we have all been here. Not long really, so this new wave of receiving new information is helping us progress but at the same time has not just instantly appeared.

Similarly many of the online investments and of are still going strong, most of which is actually happening offline. I mean friendships are very strong, old friendships that is but questions arise about the importance of inviting new people into are world. Remember new people everyday have just bought there computer. Many people are just learning how to send there first e-mail. Many people are very worried when they here the word traffic, especially if they are just learning to drive or something like this.

Likewise by concentrating on traffic to content you provide not propped up by the cost of information online can in some instances be very offsetting. For example getting keywords wrong or stepping into a stream of information that provides nothing about what is actually inside the tin.

If you want to understand more about this paragraph you can try Googling Branding again.

Remember even though you know or maybe you do not but every platform that has any reputable amount of members, writers and photographers blogging the new platforms are constantly adjusting settings.

Keeping up with all these things can be very inspiring, but when you are focusing on new ways of doing things this can stop you in your tracks.

The good thing about living in castles hundreds of years ago things could be very simple, but actually they were just as complicated then as they are today, we choose to have many settings and new apps on our phones and similarly in castles kings chose recipes for lunch that were very creative, if not totally bizarre and over the top but I am sure very tasty. The castles had many people contributing within the walls to survive so remember how lucky you are to have a roof over you head let alone having Internet access.

No this post is not about property but if it was or if you are in the property industry its OK like everything else it is business as usual. If you are looking at trends and reading the footsie or the Financial Times you will have spotted a few money pots. You will maybe have noticed on the news where the future lies, and notice new investments with our money. But money in the hands of individuals can be very disconcerting if no money really exists, so why spend money when you do not have it yet? This I call living in the red. Don't get me wrong red used to be my favourite colour but now I am more drawn to more pastel and oblique colours, why do you think this is?

The chances are and I will end here your eyes are viewing many different types of media, and the levels of communication shift between automated and pre-scripted, and by being able to differentiate between the two and have the knowledge that giving is something that has been taken for centuries as a nice model to follow a better option to choose, I recommend this to everyone I meet. And similarly admire people who do this offline, but just wish you could all meet them too. Its a quandary, and the dichotomy is I actually really do enjoy what has been called the "chip landscape".

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Twitter Bakes a Cake with Blackbird Media

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Softrace, Free Inject a little competitive juice into your everyday run It tracks your workouts in clever workout app. real time. #HTCappsless than a minute ago via web

Natural Progression 2010 (np2010).


Howto create and progress in natural press releases?

Subscribe to me on FriendFeed  How to create press releases and make them look natural and get the media attention you need in order sell what ever it is you are involved in. You can repeat this process in JV schemes, affiliate
marketing and building up your media chip body profile.

Hello my names Robert Bridge and I have been struggling with everything online for quite sometime. I have repeated many Social Media systems and applied my Information technology and media experience to much of how I write and how I perceive the world. As you can imagine I have been terribly busy achieving nothing but consistently trying everything. For the past six years I have been educating myself with all different schools of internet thought and am staring to see a pattern emerge in-amongst all the little things that work into a very encouraging picture. In this post I reveal one of these systems.

What are Press releases. A press release is a type of news story intended to get the attention of news reporters. Press release are meant to inform or announce something that is of news value. Media use things like this because they are news worthy. The reason why this type of leverage is because Google loves this type of attention and creates lots of traffic and generates a lot of media interest.

Exposure tips reach hundreds and thousands of people by your personal promotion awards that you have received how long has this been about. Publicity is far more believable because the valid ads are must more trustworthy. Members of the press look for stuff for their readers listeners and viewers.

Link up all your press releases. Find keywords that have low keyword competition and can generate high traffic. Goto Google adwords with codes. Target less than 10,000 in competition. Insert the keyword into the title and the first and last paragraph of your release. Also insert related keywords (make this seem natural).

How to remove belly fat = How to Loose Belly Fat remove stomach fat get rid of tummy fat. Make sure the words you choose are in the HTML of your link and your site. Generate words that create curiosity.

Using symbols the numeric correctness 0-9 or % ask questions and Quotes.
Focus on a newsworthy product and don't make it boring it is an announcement not a sales pitch and always provide a call for action by offering benefits of what's on offer.
Writing a Press release you will ideally write 350 words of three paragraphs. Inside this article you want to create curiosity and try and focus on a specific part of this product:Title: Catchy by using symbols like % or 0-9 with main-keyword inside.Introduction with a selected keyword again include the keywords in these two paragraphsBody is highlighting benefits Include testimonials.Footer includes what you just said and try not to spill the beans and remember always create a call to action.
You can contact me by e-mail at: rbridge@topbodybuildingsite.com
Or phone me on Skype with any questions by joining the Mastermind Chat room: